"My credit score is too low."
- What score do you think you need? And where are you getting your scores? If it's from a service like Credit Karma, or the report you get from your credit card company... you may be surprised. We get different scores than they do... and we have lenders who work with scores as low as 580.

"I don't have enough for a down payment."
- How much do you think you need? It isn't 20%... not even close. Some programs require 5%, others 3%, and some are no money down. It all depends on factors like your credit score, household income, debt-to-income ratio, and even location.

"I'm self-employed, so I don't report a lot of income."
- There are now programs that use your bank statements instead of your tax returns to determine income.

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"It's cheaper to rent."
- How much are you paying now? What kind of home could you own if that was your mortgage payment. Plus... rent increases. Your mortgage rate never will.

Whether you're ready now, or buying your first home is a long term goal...
the path starts here.

Millions of renters are actually qualified for a mortgage, but don't realize it.

Are you one of them?

Many people put off buying their first home because they have doubts, or are intimidated by the process.

The Mortgage Market of Delaware