The Mortgage Market of Delaware

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Documents to Start Gathering 

Additional costs include: 0.35% of the loan amount for Lender's Title insurance, 0.45% for Owner's Title insurance (for purchases), as well as pre-paid interest based on the loan amount and number of days remaining in the month after closing.

- Pay stubs covering the last 30 days (including Year to Date income)

- Bank statements for the last 2 months (all pages, including your name, bank name, and account number)

- W2s for the previous 2 years

- Any other income, or asset documentation being used to qualify, or for down payment (savings, 401k, HUD-1/sales contract for sale of current home, etc.)

- Clear picture/copy of drivers license

- Tax Returns for the previous 2 years if you have rental and/or self-employed income

- Most recent copy of mortgage statement (for refinances)

- Homeowners Insurance policy declarations page (for refinances)

- Property tax bill (for refinances)