Conventional: typically 620 minimum score, 5% down payment, no PMI with 20% down.

Now Introducing 3% down options with HomeReady & HomePossible!  


USDA:  typically 640 minimum score. $0 down. Income and geographical limits apply:

     Kent & Sussex Counties: $82,700 for 1-4 person household
                                                 $109,150 for 5-8- person household

     New Castle County:          $100,500 for 1-4 person household
                                                  $132,650 for 5-8 person household

* Locations in Dover, Smyrna, Middletown, and areas north of Delaware City may be ineligible.


FHA580 minimum score typical, but can go as low a 500. 3.5% down payment, and less restrictive guidelines for credit and debt-to-income.

Veterans Affairs$0 down with scores as low as 500, no PMI, and additional savings for disabled veterans.
One of our Loan Officers is a veteran and specializes in assisting veterans.

Manufactured Housingcannot be older than 1976, must be Class C.

Various financing options available.


Reverse Mortgages: Lump sum, monthly payouts, line of credit, even purchases.
You choose how to use the equity in your home to supplement your retirement

Commercial Real Estate:  Purchase, Refinance - Apartment Buildings, Storefronts, Office Buildings, Agricultural, etc. - Available in all 50 states

Niche Programs for Unique Financing: Low scores, No scores, Recent Bankruptcy, Recent Foreclosure, 1 day Off Market, Self-Employed, Medical Professionals, etc...      

The Mortgage Market of Delaware

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